THE MAKE OF YOU offers a lifestyle based on the aesthetics and style cultivated and influenced by different cultures, fashion, and art.

We cater to the interests of artistic, adventurous, and curious women.

Here, you will experience a mix of linen, cotton, and silks, well-crafted accessories designed by us and handmade by the artisans. We make sure everything is made of pure material and organic where possible. 

This gracious process gives the product a unique character and adds a touch of sentimental value to it.

We want to provide a lifestyle that reflects your thoughts, ideas, style, and most importantly, you!


The need to focus more on quality than quantity led our creative process to be defined by modesty, comfort, and functionality with subtle designs and bold prints.

We only produce limited but well-crafted and unique products each year. We aim to be a part of the circular economy where our products retain value even in the end-of-life phase.

As a brand, we are on a journey toward sustainability and are mindful of our environmental impact. We believe that with the support of our customers, we can become part of a global mission that inspires change by being ethical and environmentally conscious.